NEW GENERATION of Brewhouses comming soon !

EP102 will be the code, called "ECO PLUS", first in a 10hl-version, ready to brew within hours, full decoction, high speed lautering, etc.. weiter...


Ulan Bataar, Mongolia

Since March 2013 SALM BRAEU Mongolia is in operation, setting new standards of beer quality in the entire regionweiter...


SALM BREWMATIC, new versions

innovations of SALMĀ“s famous brewhouse control system weiter...  



                                              ESTABLISHED 1924 IN VIENNA

O.SALM & Co GmbH
Apollogasse 6, Postbox P.O.B.33
A-1072 Wien, Austria


Tel: +43 1 523 12 36


SALM is one of Europe`s oldest manufacturer of brewery machines. This tradition managed in the third generation is the basis for top quality and most modern technology.

SALM offers plants for capacities of 400 hl up to 120,000 hl per year, designed as small industrial breweries or breweries for the restaurant business.

SALM breweries give the guarantee to manufacture the best Lagers, Weizen beers and beer specials by using decoction and infusion brewing method.

Since 1994 SALM has been owning its own restaurant brewery in Vienna, the SALM BRAEU, which is also used as a training centre for SALM-customers. In the meantime this baroque jewel located in the Salesianer Convent has become one of Europe's most popular brewery restaurants.