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After the first generation of brewhouses, the A-type, followed by the massive looking B-type, SALM presented the most sold version ECO about 15 years ago. Now it is time for a face lift. The latest version, called ECO PLUS carries the model name EP102 and is available in either copper design or high glossy polished stainless steel design.

This new type fits into low ceiling rooms, looks massive and comes with lots of little redesigns. Massive innovations are not implemented, as SALM´s outstanding technology is still unbeatable, although some competitors do have a tendency to re-invent the wheel...


The EP102-series will be manufactured in small series and implement a modular design to shorten delivery times.


First presentation to public will be at the DRINKTEC Munich 2013


ULAN BATAAR, Mongolia, finest Austrian Beers brewed in Asia:

Since March 2013 SALM BRAEU Beer Specialities are brewed in Mongolia´s capital Ulan Bataar, it is a license cooperation and directly monitored and supported by SALM....



SALM BREWMATIC brewhouse control systems, new versions:

The SALM Brewmatic-series has been a global success since 1984. The unique SALM External Mash- and Wort Heater, a patented design by SALM, now beeing copied by some other suppliers, required a more sophisticated control system as direct heated brewhouses would require.

New is the BREWMATIC 01, a manual control system for the SBP05-series, BREWMATIC 02 in a modified version will now also be available for this brewhouse series and offers a half automatic.


The new BREWMATIC 03 will now be available for all 10, 16 and 20hl brewhouses of the EP and EC series and offers a 90% automatisation


The SALM flagship, the BREWMATIC 06 remains as the most advanced, "logical thinking" control system with 100% automatisation at up to tripple decoction (a unique).


100% EXPORT !!!

SALM Brewery Plants are world wide leading in its technology and energy saving. The business year 2012 will close as one of the most successful ones with an 100%-rate of exports. Also the outlook for 2013 is very promising.