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It is almost unreal: On the top of a 33-story office tower, the MBFC-Building, Tower 1, there is the world´s highest Urban Brewery. A breathtaking view over the Marina Bay, with glass of cold, on the premises freshly brewed Beer, combined with finest food, influenced from Asia, Australia and Italy, this is the place where dreams become true. Check out more on their website www.level33.com.sg



KALININGRAD offers a new dimension of dining and enjoying Austrian Beer Culture:
The fortress like appearance is already a new landmark in the town of Kaliningrad. Since December this unique world of finest food, finest beers brewed with Austrian Technology (Salm Braeu) and knight-style appearance is in operation. More information at http://nesselbeck.ru/


Voronesh, one of the World´s largest Restaurant Breweries, called BALAGAN CITY (...)

In the center of Russia´s 900.000 inhabitans town Voronesh, there is an ultra modern amazing Shopping Mall, Mega-Mall-style like in the US. On the upper floors you will find one of the World´s largest Restaurant Breweries with SALM equipment, producing 12.000 Liters Beer / Week (!!). Although there are close to 1000 seats inside, waiting lines are always to deal with....

..by the way, "Balagan" means something like "total disorder", well then...

Find out more at   http://balagan-city.ru/


2012 sold out:

SALM continously manufactures the most popular versions and sizes of restaurant brewery plants to shorten the delivery time and to minimize the ups and downs on the stainless steel market. At the present time all our production slots for ECO series plants are sold out, only SBP05-series are available soonest in the final quarter of this year.

This year SALM will ship plants to Sotchi, Rostov/Don, Ulan Bator, Krasnodar and Ohrenburg, one more project in Spain and Trinidad is in the pipe. It will be one of SALM´s most buzy years.