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Cooling technology


SALM breweries are always equipped with insulated and jacket cooled fermentation and storage tanks or UNI-tanks as well as pressure dispensing tanks. Room cooling is therefore NOT necessary, which is very inefficient and health endangering for the brewer. The investment costs for room coolings are also very high and mostly similar to the price difference between uninsulated and insulated tanks.

For ECO and PROFI series we offer two different cooling systems which are both based on a glycol cooling system for tanks, the Block-cooling and the latent energy storage cooling system.



Block-Cooling system                              LGC latent storage cooling system


The Block-Cooling system is equipped            The Latent Energy Storage Cooling system

with a glycol-icestorage compartment for      consists of a charging unit, the storage tank

wort cooling and tank cooling. The                 and a pumping unit. Both tanks and ice water

glycol-ice bench is built by stainless steel       cooler at the wort cooler are cooled by glycol.

evaporator plates. On request we also          The capacity of the storage system compensates

offer external condensers.                             energy peaks of up to 90%.


                                          Pictures are symbolic and not binding



Block-Cooling system


LGC latent storage cooling system

full automatic


full automatic


Wort cooling

Icewater chilled by glycol system


Tank cooling


50 mins

Fastest discharge time

10 mins

8 h

recharging time from zero

4 h


electronical preflow temp.-regulation



manual preflow temp.-regulation

Yes (in emergency modus)


remote icewater start command


approx. 80%




space requirement relation



example 60,000 kcal stored energy capacity, brewery with 3000 hl/year


7.5 kW


5.5 kW

75 %

runtime per 24hours in %

45 %

8 h/4 h

charging/discharging time (without charging by compressor)

6 h/48 h