O.SALM & Co GmbH
Apollogasse 6, Postbox P.O.B.33
A-1072 Wien, Austria


Tel: +43 1 523 12 36




Salm manufactures a small series of most wanted brewery versions and brewery sizes on stock to shorten delivery times and to compensate sometimes dramatic price increases of steanless steel products.

Currently we do have these plants available at very attractive conditions:


EP102C3A-our newest brewhouse generation, called ECO PLUS with 10% more output, high speed lautering, perfect yield, looks massive although fits into room with 3.2m ceiling, comes with 90%-automatisation the new SALM BREWMATIC 1003, available with all SALM external mash and wort heating systems, fast setup within a few hours. The first of this series will be presented at Brau Munich 2013.


SPB05C1: 5hl-brewhouse with semi-copper coating, domes in stainless steel high grade polished, two units on stock, delivery time for turn key ready plant 2-3months. This brewhouse is currently under serial production and available with either SALM BREWMATIC 01 (manual operated) or BREWMATIC 02 (half automatic).

starts at less than 175.000,-- all inclusive


SPB05N1: 5hl-brewhouse in industrial design, high grade stainless steel polish, will be ready by 05/2013.